"Contrary to Ordinary"
The Black Pearls of the Dog World
~Making a difference: one black dog at a time through education, awareness and action~
If all the available shelter dogs were to find homes, each person would need to adopt seven dogs.  A family of four would need to adopt 28 dogs total.  It can feel overwhelming and often times people wonder if they are making any kind of difference at all by adopting "just one dog" from a rescue or shelter.  Yet through the continuing education of rescues, the collective efforts of spaying and neutering and people remaining committed and bonded  to their pets through times of stress and change:  a difference is made. 
The Starfish Story
Each one of these blackpearl dogs is one less starfish out on the beach because of rescue angels and adopters........like you.
“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it”   ~Margaret Fuller
March 31st, 2005:  I just recently joined a rescue group, and am about to send my first foster on to his forever home, where he will become a therapy dog.  I was scouring petfinder, searching for another dog to foster, when I happened upon Dallas, a 9 yr old black lab male.  I knew the odds of him being adopted were slim, so I looked a little closer.  He was an owner surrender, well behaved, but "not good with children".  I thought about him ... did I want to bring a foster into my home, knowing that he would probably not be adopted and that I would then be unable to save more "wanted" dogs?  I thought more... and finally emailed the shelter he was in.  Apparently, "not good with children" meant that he didn't want to play enough. Okay, could he be neutered... yes, but not there...was he okay around cats... yes, they thought so... the emails went back and forth.  As I was preparing to make the final decision to take him, I received a message... no need to worry about Dallas; he had been euthanized... but did I want to help another?
Apparently, there is a long list of anonymous black dogs out there, and they are interchangeable, lost and without hope.  I was just shocked... I don't blame the shelter; they have to make room, because our family pets are becoming like everything else in our society, disposable: "get a new and better one when they get a little older" or "don't fit our lifestyle" any longer. I lit a candle for Dallas, and I vowed to not hesitate.  I look down at my current foster... he's one less starfish on the beach, and there will be others.  But I still think of Dallas, who died alone, because his family abandoned him, and I sure wasn't fast enough.    ~Annette K.   

Webmasters note: Thank you Annette for your reminder to make clear decisions but not to hesitate.  Not only do we as a society think "all is disposable" but we also don't want to leave our comfort zones when help is needed.  Blackpearldogs commends you for committing to Dallas even in his sunset moments and for lighting his candle. He may not have died in vain: as he is no longer apart of the endless list of anonymous black dogs who have passed alone.  His light with glow vibrantly here to make the path brighter for those seasoned or young black dogs that wait patiently to be loved again..
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