Hi Tamara,

Happy New Year!  How are you?

Animal Services filled up over Christmas and a lot of the rescues closed over the holidays.  My
foster dog got adopted so I had an opening.  I found a young black lab mix that had been at XXXX for a long time.  He came in as a stray with a limp and was afraid of people so they said he was not adoptable.  So he got stuck out in the back, waiting for the owner he doesn't have to show up, or to get euthanized.  I pulled him about an hour ago.  He is sooooo sweet!  Very good looking too!  He is not afraid of people at all.  It is amazing to me that he came out of his shell while he was at XXXX, because usually that place has the opposite effect.
I named him Buddy.  He is much better looking in person than in his kennel card picture, but that's all I have right now so here it is.  I will send more pictures when I get them.

Buddy isn't the only black dog I saved recently.  I took in Mogley, who was living under a trailer and chasing cars on a county road in xxxx County.  He had a severely infected ear that had swelled to the size of a balloon.  He was owner surrendered.  xxxx County Humane Society pulled him for me.  All the skin inside his ear was dead and he had surgery to remove it.  The vet did some really good work to save his ear that was so far gone. Mogley has gained weight and his coat is shining and now he smiles and wags his tail and sleeps in my bed while he waits for his forever home. Here are the pictures.  I hope you like them.

I am trying to save another black dog at XXXX, his name is Agamemnon.  He was obviously someone's pet but XXXX marked him as a stray because he got loose and his owner said he wouldn't come get him. I am full with fosters but I am trying to find a rescue to get him out.  His picture is attached too.


January 2009
One person who has taken to action the starfish story in their backyard~be inspired! We surely are!!!!