"Contrary to Ordinary"
The Black Pearls of the Dog World
~Making a difference: one black dog at a time through education, awareness and action~
Please Be Advised, these pictures are graphic and painful to look at:

"Gypsy had her leg amputated Monday the 18th  of 2005 and she is fighting for her life. Thanks to the skilled surgeons, Dr. McLean and Dr. Lowery at Eastridge Animal Hospital in Gastonia, and all the wonderful and loving vet techs at Eastridge who just go in and hold her paw or pat her or speak sweet kind words. It's amazing, but Cindy said she wagged her tail after surgery. Cindy and Dr. McLean say she hasn't given up and is fighting to stay with us.

Her face is literally falling off, rotten skin, she has lost her lips and may lose her nose. Dr. McLean (if we have enough money and she makes it) will be able to do some cosmetic surgery. Her teeth showing is that her lips are rotten and gone. Imagine cutting off an ice pick to about two inches long and stabbing a dog in the head over and over and over. The skin is rotting beneath the wounds and it looks horrible.

First, we are putting these horrible pictures out so that everyone who loves a pet can pray for her, contribute, and hope the best. Secondly, we are in need of donations for this bill. And probably the most important, is that Gypsy puts a face on the gambling rings using dogs, dog fighting, dog baiting, the worse of what we must begin fighting and standing against.

She is a sweet girl, and a strong heart and I'm sure she has a forgiving nature.

Beware putting a dog in an advertisement "Free to a good home." Dog fighters will send a "front person" sometimes to get a pet to use to bait fighting dogs. And secondly, watch your pets, it's common to have them stolen for baiting". Joann Hager - Tricounty

"Why free to a good home is not such a good idea"
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~Permission granted for these pictures by Tricounty Animal Rescue, please visit their site @ http://www.tcar.us/~
To understand more completly how and why this happens please visit these links.  Contents of these pages contain images and information that is considered graphic.  Yet these are all true stories and these dogs need their story told so other dogs do not have to tell these same stories again and again.  It is  my hope that by having access to this information we can be better informed and help stop this sad and vicious cycle.  We are the key in this change. If anyone has any knowledge of dog fighting, please, please contact the Police Department in your area. Furthermore, read these stories and make a conscientious and determined stand against allowing overpopulation, neglect, abuse and dog fighting to happen in your corner of the world.  Be advised that you should not try to do anything on your own as many of these people are very dangerous individuals (click on the highlighted phrase for a personal account from their perspective).  Contact your police dept. and animal control, but most of all share and educate those around you to understand how to identify and report these "human" acts of treachery.  It only takes a spark to get a fire going........
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Permission granted for this posting by Michelle Crean
The tragedy of free to a good home
Pick of the litter: The movie "Free to a Good Home" website and viewable trailers (while watching, note how many black dogs you see in this world of abandonment, abuse, neglect)
Short Synopsis from the website linked above:

FREE to a Good Home is a dramatic feature, which follows (exploring) one young woman’s journey of self-realization through her commitment to animals and her work in animal rescue.

While this is a work of fiction it takes a harsh, realistic look at the poignant lives and tragic deaths of just a few out of the millions of animals that fall victim to a system that does not work every year.

Through the protagonist’s experiences, this film provides an insider’s view of Animal Control, as well as the daily lives of the people, predominantly women, committed to rescuing the animals from the streets, the shelters, the backyard breeders, and the homes of collectors.

Ultimately, the film offers compelling solutions to resolving this ongoing problem of animal overpopulation and abuse.

between neglect and abuse
The difference
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